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Keep the Aspidistra Flying - George Orwell Wow, what a tiresome book! The reason I even gave it three stars is because it's an Orwell book and, as such, he doesn't disappoint us with his wit, satire and irony. However, the story itself was lacking.Orwell must have been in a very misanthropic mood when he wrote this.

The main character, Gordon, is so depressing and unlikeable; he ties everything to money (for example, it took him an hour to shave one morning because he didn't have enough money). I just got so sick and tired of hearing about how poor he was and how people treated him due to his lack of money (I believe most of the cases were delusion on his part).The fact that he has such an understanding girlfriend is beyond me.

Gordon declares war on money. I think his declaration is misguided as he lives in London and needs money to survive. Also, he hopes to be a famous poet one day so he would get paid from that. I just didn't get his reasoning for declaring war on the 'money god.'

So, in summary, I didn't waste my time reading this book but it's definitely not one I would choose to read again.