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Black Women For Beginners - S. Pearl Sharp I guess you could say this is an interesting book about black women. It features a lot of pictures and historical facts about what black women have achieved in history. It also touches on how important it is to have a healthy self-esteem so as not to experience an identity crisis.

I felt the book just touched on the basics, understandable I guess since it's a beginner guide. However, I found the writing style a bit too chatty, and filled with African-American slang (since I would say most black women are not African-American, I didn't really see the point), swear words and way too much sarcasm. It was kind of hard to take the book seriously at times.

Also, as much as I believe that loving and appreciating your heritage and culture is a must, I don't think that gives anyone the right to put down or belittle another group of people, and I felt this is what the author was doing.

The view on Creationism (a black Eve) is afrocentric which I believe is just as bad as being eurocentric. There's no evidence to suggest Adam and Eve were black or even white so that part of the book was just odd.

I appreciate that the book wrote about the history and struggles of black women in other parts of the world, such as Asia, Africa and South America, as well as their achievements.

Anyway, it was a pretty quick read and I did enjoy the historical points, although I thought they could have been developed better, even though this is a beginners guide.