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Jessamine - Eugenia O'Neal Grace Hylton is an African-American woman married to a man, Julian, from the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Crescens. Grace moves to the island to be with her husband who is running for election. Soon afterwards, Grace starts getting visits by a ghost of a woman who died over a century before and decides to help solve a mystery.

I really enjoyed this book. Having visited the Caribbean and lived in the tropics for some years the descriptions of the nature as well as the quirky "country folk" were very nostalgic to me. The descriptions were so vivid and colourful and kind of made me feel homesick (or at least long to see tropical flowers!).

I loved the book's intrigue and also the topics raised in the book such as:

- Being an outsider in a close-knit community
- The injustice some people have/have had to live with
- Corruption
-Racial tension
-The difficulties faced moving to a culture that's not your own.
- The fact that it's not all a bed of roses on the tropical islands we so long to vacation in.

The structure of the book was another aspect I really liked ;the chapters alternate between Grace's viewpoint, and also Arabella's (the ghost's). Seeing how their stories were tied together was very interesting.

A great read!