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Distortion: A Novel - Lucie Smoker It's been a while since I've read a thriller this engaging. Protagonist Adele (Addie) Proust is a very likeable artist in Houston, Texas who witnesses a murder and is enlisted by the FBI to spy on her friends. Things get really scary after that, and a love triangle further complicates things.

Addie is an artist and so has a unique perspective into things and a uncharacteristic way of feeling and expressing her emotions. Indeed, art is a major theme in the book, and the artistic technique, known as reverse perspective, is an interesting motif that was explored throughout the book.

"At first my hands were unstable, I had felt blocked lately, emotionally. But this work left my pain on the paper. I drew until I moved us into the studio to paint - my brush almost pulling itself across the canvas."

I liked the human feel of this book; it felt so "real." There are issues Ms Smoker touched upon that obviously concern her, for example homeless veterans, drug use, a loss of community...

There were some parts of the book that were really a bit hard for me to take.

Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys thrillers with a modern feel to them.