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Remarkable Baobab - Thomas Pakenham “I laid aside all thoughts of sports, as soon as I perceived a tree of prodigious thickness, which drew my whole attention.” – Michel Adanson

I’ve been quite obsessed with the baobab tree for a long time. I first came across its mention in The Little Prince as a youngster, and while on vacation in Africa I encountered one for the first time. It’s a truly wonderful tree.

This book was more of a coffee table book. The pictures were absolutely beautiful and looked quite unreal; they were of baobab trees from all over Africa.

There is some basic information about the tree, for example it’s godly status in some cultures, its diverse uses (shelter, food, clothing), and some history about European travellers who saw it.

It was a quick, informative read but I was slightly disappointed by the fact that the book did not contain some of the myths of the baobab tree, some of which I’ve heard relatives say over the years, nor did it go into enough detail about how important the tree is to the African people.