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The Secondary Colors: Three Essays - Alexander Theroux Another greatly impressive book by Alexander Theroux. I enjoyed it just as much as I liked Theroux's The Primary Colours. This essay collection talks about the secondary colours orange, purple and green. Like in the last book, it goes into what these colours symbolize, and how they are represented, in a wide range of subjects, such as art, history, linguistics and literature.

It's actually delightful to read Alexander Theroux's essays as it's obvious that he loves words, and his enthusiasm shows.

Some quotes:

“There is a weirdness, a vagueness, an otherworldliness- a kind of lunar numinousness- to the colour purple, from pounce paper to the violet-tinged nimbus of gaslight to the closed, hothouse vibrations of Prince’s “Purple Rain” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”…"

“Green is power, nature’s fuse, the colour of more force and guises than are countable…”

“Orange is a bold, forritsome color. It sells, it smiles,it sings, it simpers…”